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Matter of the Mind: Subtle Awareness

Today I decided to pick up an old book I once read. Immediately the pages began to turn as my eyes feverishly scanned the words while my brain danced of comprehension. I noticed chills on my arms and a large smile take shape on my face. The awareness of what was happening and the emotions I was feeling were inexplicable. Or so I thought. They had familiar undertones of life’s happiest moments.

"Those who are Aware, those who know that we are playing, have found a way to move through life lightly. They have the wonderful ability to "lighten up" at the most difficult moments. They also have the ability to help others lighten up during the same kinds of challenging moments. In this they demonstrate what enlightenment is all about." ( Walsch, pg5) Donald Walsh, Conversations with God

That feeling the chills, the presence of a smile upon my face, the glow of wonder igniting the gleam in my eyes, perhaps this is life’s gift. A reconnection with my inner sense of enlightenment.

My energy shifted in that moment of subtle awareness. Rebirthing the love of knowledge, the constant quest to learn and be life’s student. Each day a new beginning and the creation of our inner truth to be shared in the form of light which ignites the gleam among those around us. A mere reinvention of our subtle awareness.

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