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🧠Matters of the Mind - A Human Experience🧠

All these words, labels, given to me since birth. WORDS used to describe you, me, & everyone but they’re the world’s words, not mine. From an early age I knew too much. Born with a ferocious hunger to learn, to question everything, always asking “but why mom?”

Everyone always telling me I had to be, act, speak, and look a certain way. Well, because that’s the way IT is. This ferocious curiosity and my innate ability to follow my heart instead of my head got me into some mischievous situations. From cutting my own hair on picture day, because for some reason I had to wear a dress. Or in middle school, the days of monologues to my mother about why this world made no sense to me. I wanted to just be me, without all their words, expectations, and rules.

I began exploring my labels and the words used to define me early on. Truth be told, I guess I started taking my power back from the world at the age of ten. The only little “girl” on the baseball field breaking gender norms and showing up with other humans paving the way for my little sister, who became the next little “girl” on the ball field, with bright eyes and a big smile amongst the other humans. That was our beginning to an epic life journey breaking barriers together. Explore your freedom to just BE & embrace your UNIQUENESS. You never know who you might be inspiring.

I dedicate this post to every human; live your truth, we are BRAVE! The world will be better because of your impact and example!

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