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Matters of the Mind - The Traveler

There once was a little girl who decided at 8 she was a traveler. You see, she had no idea that she was capable of flying. She could fly away to visit different places in time and space. She had such innocence and imagination. That innocence and imagination is the key to universal law.

Reflection, blessed with a gift in the form of answers.

Oddly enough, this little traveler always knew she would be able to fly away. Flying away to the halo of safety, that’s where she went when the darkness of life came. It’s that halo of safety she flew away to each time within the vast experiences of her universe.

The little traveler knew she had an angelic innocence that would wrap her soul in survival’s love to keep her spirit safe. It seems she always knew her time here was a constant quest of learning how to play and engage with the game of life.

She discovered, Travelers love a playground and to her that’s exactly what her big spirit made life! Her playground.

Her universal law, fill her life passionately with constant play. So she did! With Guardian Angel wings on a plane of imagination off to the halo of safety, away flew the traveler through her universe!

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