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Quiet Eyes

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

You see there was stillness inside me all along, my quiet eyes.

These pictures document the evolution of my spirit and the return of my soul home to Bobbi. Learning to love myself I found my way back to ME! Change, Growth, & healing are HARD, however we are stronger than we realize.

Get up, Believe you can, and surround yourself with the right people! We are in this quest of life together. When we heal ourselves we heal the world.

As I healed my inside reality, my outside world became full of color and life!

LOVE is the way home.

A Poem to Remember the Way:

There is no fix, it’s a shift.

The dichotomy of me,

My view, vast landscapes to see.

Mountains echo the refusal to crumble,

The mountain is me,

a place to simply be.

I am the mountain,

The mountain is me.

I am Invitto,

The refusal was always within me.

We are INVITTO!!

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